With nearly 30 years experience, Vianna Jewelers can take care of all your jewelry needs. We are diamond brokers, specializing in GIA certified loose diamonds, Jillian's cut diamonds, which are all GIA certified Triple X stones.We are expert in custom design, jewelry repair, appraisals and vintage jewelry restoration.

Our services are performed in-house and no need to leave your items  because while you wait service is available with an appointment.

  •   GIA certified loose diamonds
  •   Jewelry Repair
  •   Watch Repair
  •    Appraisals
  •    Rhodium Plate
  •    Replacement stones of all kinds
  •    Vintage Restoration
  •    Consignment
  •    Estate and Vintage Jewelry and Watches


 Engagement Rings, Wedding Sets, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Anklets and Body jewelry can all be made custom for you from scratch or using your stones! Come see Vicki Robin and design your dream piece. Vianna Jewelers has the most affordable prices in town!  We make handmade designs on site everyday!  We make jewelry in all metals, including Platinum, Gold, Sterling Silver,  Palladium, Sterlium, a Hybrid Sterling Silver that won’t tarnish, Hybrid White Gold that does not need Rhodium Plate. Just give us a call and schedule a consultation with Vicki Robin (919)435-6242

We can help you sell your heirloom jewelry, divorce jewelry, or just pieces that you no longer wear. We offer a 6 month, risk free consignment. You will know the value of your piece and how much you can expect to make before consigning. Each piece is polished and refurbished free of charge as part of our consignment agreement.

Our appraisal service is done in house while you wait! Schedule an appointment with Vicki Robin and your jewelry will be cleaned, photographed and appraised while-u-wait. You do not need to leave your jewelry! Appraisals are $75 per piece, with a discount if you have more than 3 pieces appraised.  Vicki will discuss with you how and where to properly insure your precious gems and jewelry during your appraisal appointment.  
Custom Design 
Let your imagination fly! We have the most affordable custom design prices anywhere! Whether you know exactly what you want, or just a basic outline, our all girl jewelry staff at Vianna Jewelers loves the design process! We are here to help you turn your dreams into realities.

Laser Cut Logos 
Using state of the art laser technology, Vianna Jewelers now offers custom logo jewelry. The service offers your custom logo or tattoo design transformed  into a beautiful keepsake to last a lifetime. We offer jewelry designs in Stainless Steel, Platinum, Gold and Sterlium, a hybrid Sterling Silver that will not tarnish.  

BEST  Prices on Loose Diamonds
Vicki Robin is a jeweler/gemologist, with a 30 year history in the wholesale diamond business. With a family of diamond importers and 3 retail stores, Vicki Robin works directly with diamond cutting houses to avoid middlemen. Call Vicki with your desired stone and budget and she will email you a list of options. Call or text her at (919)306-8693
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