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Jillian’s Cut Diamonds display a perfect optical symmetry that is harder to achieve than excellent symmetry. This diamond’s symmetry is so perfect that it displays eight heart-shaped reflections when viewed through the pavilion of the stone with a proportion scope. When viewed through the table and crown, this “gem” of a gem displays eight arrows, which are actually the eight main faces of the stone’s pavilion. When you purchase a Jillian's Cut Diamond, you will receive a proportion scope to view all the hearts and arrows for yourself! “Hearts & Arrows” cuts have seen an enormous growth in popularity since their discovery and they are another guarantee that the Jillian’s Cut Diamonds that you purchase are among the best in the world.

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The Science Behind Jillian's Cut Diamonds

Less than 1% of the world’s diamonds are cut to “Hearts & Arrows” optical symmetry precision. This is in large part due to the greater amount of rough diamond that necessitates additional polishing to create diamonds with this precise optical symmetry. Diamond polishers take up to three times longer to cut diamonds of this quality and nearly 15% more of the original diamond rough material is lost as waste. Using 100X magnification and analysis through all stages of production, the artisanal cutters create perfection at 10X global standards for grading and evaluation.

To see the “Hearts & Arrows” pattern in a diamond one must employ a specially designed light directing viewer called a proportion scope. The “Hearts & Arrows” viewer is a rather simple device that allows the viewer to analyze the physical symmetry of a diamond. This viewer allows you to inspect the alignment and contrast of the facets of the diamond using white light. This is achieved by viewing the diamond through the crown (top) and the pavilion (bottom) by directing white and colored lights at set angles that catch and reflect the light back from specific facets of the diamond.

What is a Triple X Diamond?

To some, a Triple X Diamond means status and to others it means beauty, but the bottom line is that a Triple X Diamond is determined by the cut, polish and symmetry of the finished stone. The facets are all equal, thus providing symmetry. The depth and width are near perfect, so the stone is not too shallow, too deep, too wide or too narrow. The girdle is just right and the culet is the perfect point.

The Triple X Diamond has been graded by the GIA, as deemed “Excellent” on the certification that comes with the Jillian’s Cut Diamond and it is an honor that is not given lightly.